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3D character animation


Rendement is a publisher that assists professional specialists with professional matters in a comprehensive and accessible way. With publications focused on the business market, knowledge is available at the right time. 


The publisher’s image was due for renewal and has therefore asked Studio Analog to develop a character that will represent the brand in future communication. This character plays the leading role in all different media expressions, from commercial, website to printed matter.

The goal

Due to the changes in the world and work environment, Rendement wanted to create an animation that elaborates on the earlier designed 3D character Rendie.

Our solution

In the corporate animation video different relevant themes are visualised. With complete involvement of the client besides a leading role for Rendie, the choice was to have room for the character that represents the professional specialist. 

final result

The look and feel of the animation needed to appeal to the varied target audience of Rendement. Therefore we created an environment with a friendly, but business look that would be recognizable for people from different ages working in human resources, business support etc.


By customising the characters and working with different layers of movement, we had the characters perform several actions at the same time and interact within a 3D environment.


By using 14 different voice-overs and pay-offs, Rendement was able to focus the release of the video on different target groups. Besides the video several stills were created. Both are used on different media platforms.

As the 3D character Rendie is customisable, we are able to continuously create poses for Rendement. This with the character stand alone, as well as in combination with real life footage. We have already provided them with specific poses for holidays, for their website and other marketing purposes.

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